Timezone Expert  world time zone clock Gold Edtion 2.8.01: Show multiple time zone clocks in Windows taskbar.

Timezone Expert world time zone clock Gold Edtion 2.8.01

time zones. Features include: - Show multiple time zone clocks in Windows taskbar. - Time converter for time calculations across timezones - Powerful reminder feature. - Search more than 250 countries and 3000 cities time zone information around the world. - Calculate and display the working time overlap for people in different time zones. - Edit time zone information in Windows registry. - Online time synchronization via NTP. --Timezone Expert is

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Time Zone Helper 3.7: See an emails time zone and current time with one click

Time Zone Helper 3.7

time zone and current time with just one click, and generate a time zone chart with one more click! Do not wake your boss at 3am! Time Zone Helper lets you set up different time zones for the people you talk to across the world. You can paste a time zone overlap chart into the email you send, so you can help to organize a meeting at the right time. The chart can be customized with names, locations and time zones, and even shows which people are on

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Tzedit Tome zone editor for any version of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 8.


time zone name and information, time zone location on the world map (MapID), Microsoft Time Zone Index, MUI strings for time zone name and Dynamic DST settings. This utility works on any version of Windows from Windows 95 to Windows 8. Benefits: 1) Edit time zone information on any version of Windows; 2) Edit time zone location on the world map (MapID); 3) Edit Microsoft Time Zone Index (Index and IndexMapping); 4) Edit MUI strings for time zone

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Sender`s Time Zone for Outlook 1.3.1: See sender`s local time and timezone difference when you open or reply to email.

Sender`s Time Zone for Outlook 1.3.1

Time Zone is installed, no setting and no configuring is required. From now on, you will never be confused with the time zones differences. You just open an e-mail message and besides the standard Outlook timestamp, you will see the sender`s current time, your time zone difference and the time since the message was sent. You can also easily adjust the time displayed for a certain sender. Once you set the right time zone for that particular person

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MeetingPlanner 1.0: Use the Meeting Planner when planning meetings across several time regions

MeetingPlanner 1.0

time zone. Finding possible times that work in all attendee time zones is quick and easy with the Meeting Planner Need to find possible times for an international conference call?. The Meeting Planner is used for planning meetings across several time zones. How does it work? After you select your attendee locations the Meeting Planner converts your local time to these different time zones simultaneously, taking into account the time differences and

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International Time 2004.08.27: Keep track of local date and time of contacts in a different time zone to yours.

International Time 2004.08.27

Discover how this progam will help you keep track of the local current date and time of any of your contacts who live in a different time zone to yours. Once you have entered the relevant data into the program, with a single click of your mouse, you will be able to view the current date and time of your contacts. Your contacts could be loved ones, friends, work contacts, work colleagues, and even online friends. Ideal companion to chat programs.

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TimeZone 3.1: TimeZone shows up to twelve time zones relative to your local time.

TimeZone 3.1

time zones relative to your local time. The time zone displays are customizable to the hour and minute offset necessary. Version 3.1 adds Windows XP support, and a fully MSI-compliant installer. All of your settings are saved automatically when you close TimeZone. TimeZone is now shareware, and costs $15 US as a one-time payment with free upgrades; you may order it at http://www.victechsoftware.com/register.html. You may use TimeZone up to 25 times

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MetricWiz 2010: A pictorial US/metric unit converter with a timezone database and encyclopedia

MetricWiz 2010

Time Zone measurement categories. The Time Zone category allows you to find display the time in another area by selecting either the country or city (US and International) and displaying that time relative to your own local time. Our city and country list is extensive taking into account regions in the world, such as the state of Florida here in the US, which sits inside two different time zones. Are you confused by long arcane lists of units, our

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Anuko World Clock 5.5: Skinnable timezone clock replacing Windows system clock with multiple time zones

Anuko World Clock 5.5

timezone to timezone or have international friends, it is the clock for you! When downloaded, the Anuko World Clock software (compatible with Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7) replaces the taskbar`s system clock with a list of time zones, the specifics of which you define yourself. The options this utility offers include: -Varied digital and analog skins. -Time converter for easy time calculations across timezones. -The ability to set any amount of

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World Time Manager 2.7: Create world clocks on your desktop or taskbar, manage time zones with ease.

World Time Manager 2.7

Create world clocks on your desktop and take the hassle out of daylight saving. Instantly see the time in any part of the world. Set alarms in any time zone or even travel through time. World Time Manager is a sophisticated yet simple to use World Time program. Forget about daylight saving and different time zones or worse, tying to keep up with all the changes around the world. World Time Manager takes care of all that for you, and it`s fun.

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